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Two American Revolutionaries

Two American Revolutionaries is my idea of modern mythology.  A painting about the story of modern gods. The gods gaze down from the sky – mercilessly – covered by the “clouds of ideology” swirling around them. They are separated, alienated, from the earth.

George Washington represents Apollo and Hugo Chavez represents Mars, both fighting against evil in their own minds.  The giant yellow Mr. Peanut behind them represents “humanistic capitalism” and the smaller ones on the left represents the real evils of capitalism in practice – the shallow-minded, short-term thinking that leads to death and destruction.

Flying through the “clouds of ignorance” is the infamous “messenger of death” – a Stuka Dive Bomber JU 87B, the plane that bombed the town of Guernica in 1936 – delivering death from the clouds.  In a sense, this is what ideologies do to us.  They lead to mass murder – the eternal slaughter of the innocents. The aircraft was a gift from Hitler to General Franco.  

Two American Revolutionaries was a companion piece to Ron English’s Guernica in Power of Pathos Exhibition at the Station Museum (2006).

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.04.06 PM

Two American Revolutionaries [2006]
oil and enamel on panels, 8″ x 16″

NOTE: The painting is at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art and is available for the right collector.