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Street Art – Clark Fox, Ron English and Shepard Fairey

“Graffitists Given Mural Support”

Clark Fox, armed with a can of spray paint, was getting ready to do some serious graffiti on the side of building downtown when the police showed up. It took Mr. Fox more than an hour to convince the cops that the city actually wanted him to spray to his heart’s content as part of a museum project. “The cops were alerted when they saw the large crowd of people and cans of spray paint being used on the walls, and assumed that illegal activities were going on,” Mr Fox said.

Those interested in what Mr Fox and other legal graffiti painters produced Can now see the finished product for themselves- an 11-panel mural that is on display at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and S Street NW. Mr. Fox and the other artists were part of a joint venture between the Museum of Contemporary Art DC and Starwood Urban Investments, a company that wants graffiti vandals to see what real urban art looks like.

Starwood got the idea of painting over the outside of empty buildings After their representatives saw an exhibition at the museum “free Agents”: A History of Washington, DC, Graffiti.” The company approached Mr Fox who is the soul founder of the museum, and Struck an artistic bargain. He enlisted the help of Roger Gastman, the curator For “Free Agents” show to assemble a group of graffiti artists on the project.

The artists, who flew in from all over the country to contribute to the exhibit Among the painters were 40-year old “Zephyr”, a legendary New York graffiti artist; Los Angles-based Shepard Fairey, who contributed his signature drawing “Andre the Giant”, which satirizes America corporate advertising; Texas born photographer Ron English, who has hand painted over 500 billboards Across the country; and Mr Gastman. Each artist was given a 9 foot by 9 foot area to work on so each panel has a Style of its own. Mr Fox and Shepard Fairey collaborated on one piece.

Clark Fox, Ron English and Shepard Fairey




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