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The PRØHBTD Interview #3: History Lessons with Clark Fox

This, my third interview with PRØHBTD, is about history, and my somewhat alternative views.  Seeing as we just “celebrated” July 4, this interview seems timely.   Here’s the intro:

Clark V. Fox, a Native American artist of  Cherokee descent, jokingly describes himself as a hostile Indian who went off the reservation. He might say this with a smile, but Clark truly is a modern revolutionary who freely cites conspiracy theories, capitalism horror stories and the dark side of American history. This against-the-grain mentality made Clark a politically charged artist and motivated him to support other underground artists with galleries he ran in New York City and Washington, D.C. PRØHBTD previously spoke with Clark about pop culture and art history, but in our latest interview with the acclaimed artist, Clark talks politics and history that young people rarely, if ever, hear in school. For example, he points out that the Cherokees fought with the British during the American Revolution. That should provide a telling preview of what else Clark has to say…

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