Twisted Teenage Plot

Alper Initiative: When Art and Punk Collide




Here’s another review of TTP (Twisted Teenage Plot – not to be confused with the TPP!). The idea for the name came one day in 1985 when I was at the Caffe Trieste coffee house in North Beach San Francisco reading the San Francisco Chronicle, I was reading an article about two boys who killed their parents, took all their dough, and headed for Las Vegas to gets some kicks… it was a “twisted teenage plot,” according to the writer. I went nuts laughing! Eureka! That’s the name of the band!… Back in DC everybody liked the new name and that was it. We all agreed the name was cool because you have to be a twisted teenager to become an artist.  Here we are 30 years later playing at the Katzen Museum together with legendary  drummer Danny Frankel,  bass William Harvey,  guitar Robert Goldstein, synthizer Robin Rose,  guitar Joe White, Judith Watkins Tartt, and MiMi –the DC Art Rock AllStars …I found myself behind the kit – drumming away to “Oil in the Soil.” Heres to Kevin and Root Boy Slim